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About Us

The initial momentum for Don’t Throw Stones came from a group of Anglicans concerned to create safe space to fulfil both the commitment of Resolution 1.10 of the 1998 Lambeth Conference to ‘listen to the experience of homosexual persons’ and to the commitment to mutual listening made by the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) at its meeting in Nottingham in 2005.

For further information on the Listening Process in the Anglican Communion please visit

The group who put the Don’t Throw Stones declaration together speak as individuals who are able to commit themselves to godly conversations despite strong divisions of opinions.

The declaration has been presented to the Primates of the Anglican Communion and to the Standing Committee of the ACC and is part of the process of listening to one another without diminishing or dehumanising and without the easy recourse to stereotypical labels.

The group acts as a panel of reference and all members of the panel approve all the content of this site.

For Further Information contact: The Facilitator for the Listening Process on Human Sexuality In the Anglican Communion:


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