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Don't Throw Stones

The Anglican Communion, through the Bishops at Lambeth in 1998, the Primates at Dromantine in 2004 and various statements by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, has in various ways made it clear that

‘the victimisation or diminishment of human beings whose affections happen to be ordered towards people of the same sex is anathema to us’
(Dromantine Communiqué).

‘Don’t Throw Stones’ is one practical outworking of this Christian commitment.

It brings together Anglicans who - in the words of Archbishop Rowan - disagree with each other on

  • ‘whether the Christian Church has the freedom, on the basis of the Bible, and its historic teachings, to bless homosexual partnerships as a clear expression of God's will' and how the church should respond to Christians in such partnerships

agree together that

  • ‘any demonising of homosexual persons, or their ill treatment, is totally against Christian charity and basic principles of pastoral care’ (Windsor Report)

We are united in our conviction that it is therefore imperative for Anglicans world-wide to:

  • ‘listen to the experience of homosexual persons and…assure them that they are loved by God’ (Lambeth I.10).
  • challenge ‘ingrained and ignorant prejudice’ and make clear that ‘bigotry against gay people’ is unacceptable (Archbishop Rowan)
  • ‘give the strongest support to the defence of homosexual people against violence, bigotry and legal disadvantage’ (Archbishop Rowan)
  • ‘appreciate the role played in the life of the church by people of homosexual orientation’ (Archbishop Rowan).

We are committed to working together to encourage church communities and individual Christians:

  • To acknowledge and repent of their own involvement in ‘throwing stones’ through the victimisation and diminishment of homosexual people and
  • To stand in solidarity with homosexual people when others ‘throw stones’ - both literally and metaphorically - at them.

Our aim is to provide means of encouraging and equipping individual believers and Christian communities to be faithful in bearing practical witness to the truth of the Primates’ statement.

As an initial step in fulfilling this aim, this site will provide various resources to help all those who share this vision and seek to make it a reality in their churches and societies.


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